9 Ways to organise your Mum Brain + FREE PLANNER

9 Simple things to organise your “mum brain” plus a downloadable “mum brain daily planner”.

If you’ve been following a long recently you will know I have been struggling with “mum brain”.

Its like a foggy, mess of forgetfulness that gets worse with each child you have I think.

I am extremely forgetful, I feel constantly frazzled and overwhelmed with so many things to do but never enough time or my lack of memory that makes me forget what I had to do in the first place. None of this has been great for my anxiety which has been at a all time high.

Over the last few weeks I have been working on some simple things that have been helping me feel less stress and more in control and I want to share them with you.

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It can be really hard to know what to do or say when you’re trying to help a friend with their mental health.

You don’t want to say the wrong this and make it worse but you also want them to know you are there for them.

In this article I will share some ideas from my own personal experience on how you can best help and support a friend through their anxiety:

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In this quick little article I want to share with you what I have learnt in my experience with constant engorgement, blocked ducts and mastitis- I am not an expert and this is all just basic info. Please contact your doctor or lactation consultant for professional advice or if you feel any of the symptoms coming on and PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THE WARNING SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS.

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Returning to Exercise After a Cesarean Birth

A cesarean birth is a major abdominal surgery which requires at least 6-8 weeks to recover but often much longer.

You will need to give your self at least this much time to heal before you start working out and there is really no one date that suits everyone its so dependent on so many variables to do with your pregnancy, surgery and postpartum experience so please don’t put any pressure on yourself to have to exercise from 6 weeks. To be honest I feel like its taken me 12 weeks to truly recover and heal and I am now just feeling stronger and ready to train properly.

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fitnessBrittany Noonan
Maternity & Breastfeeding Fashion

Dressing the bump and then for breastfeeding while still looking half stylish can be so hard. Through out my pregnancy and now while Im breastfeeding my insta community have been asking me everyday for ideas and places to shop so I just quickly threw this little article together to share where I buy my clothing from and also some quick tips for dressing the bump and for BF!

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Preparing for a Positive Cesarean Birth

For a lot of women having a cesarean birth is extremely daunting and scary. Being awake during a major abdominal surgery is definitely anxiety provoking not to mention the fear of the spinal block, recovery and all the horror stories people like to tell you about what can go wrong or how hard their recovery was.

In this article I want to share with you some ways I have been preparing for a positive experience again this time round so hopefully you can too. It may be a long piece so please stick around as there is a lot to cover!

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#instaworthy wraps and swaddles

In this blog you will find 5 brands of wraps and swaddles that are totally #instaworthy for their looks but also amazing quality and super functional of course. There are SOOO many different brands out there but these are my top 5 right now! Don’t forget I know I’m having a girl so most of these are girly prints ways but all brands do unisex and boys ranges too.

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Cute Baby Clothes Brands

Just a quick blog to share some of my fave go-to brands for baby as I’m always being asked on my instagram. After buying a ridiculous amount of clothing that were never worn by Millie I have tried to keep it simple and basic for this bub as I know she will live in onesies and zippys when shes a newborn but of course I also couldn’t help getting few cute dresses and rompers too. In here you will see cheap finds to more expensive pieces.

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Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy

During pregnancy it's thought that around 1 in 5 women experience pelvic pain but many of us tend to ignore it or not understand it.

Its so important if you're experiencing PGP (pelvic girdle pain) to speak to your midwife, OB or a women's health physio about it so they help you to feel and function better. Although it is not at all harmful to your baby it causes huge discomfort for sufferers and limits your abilities to function during your pregnancy. 

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Pregnancy, fitnessBrittany Noonan

Hands up who loves shopping with their kids, toddler, babies?

Anyone? I didn’t think so but we all know it’s a necessary evil and sometimes we must do it when they are with us so finding stores you know and trust is important as busy, time poor Mums.

Although shopping with kids isn’t fun buying cute, fashionable outfits for them is right? I love dressing Millie up in fashionable outfits and finding the best looks for her.

So, what’s the three most important things when shopping for our kids?

Convenience, price & quality - this is where H&M is the perfect fit.

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