Your Body, Your Mind, Your Birth Story - No One Else's.


Over and over again I see Mamas feeling guilty or being tried to made feel guilty that they didn't get to have a natural birth. I am a caesarean mama - I'm actually an elective caesarean mama. I was tried to be made feel guilty by midwives, Health care nurses, lactation consultants and even my own family. On two seperate occasions I have been asked to write my birth story by different people and both of these times when I mentioned I had a caesarean one never wrote back or one told me I didn't fit her page because I hadn't "given birth".When I found out I was pregnant I researched & found an OB with the help of my psychologist that would give me the choice to have a csection birth because that was what I wanted and what I mentally thought I could deal with. Without going in to too much detail I have/had a severe panic disorder and for me the thought of a natural birth in the early days of pregnancy would bring on panic attacks. I was so fearful that my panic disorder would be triggered and I would have one whilst in labour or giving birth that even my doctors agreed that it would not be good for me or my baby. So I had the most amazing OB who took my mental health in to consideration and I elected to have this procedure. Do I feel like any less of a mother or woman? HELL NO , in fact I feel empowered by the fact I chose what I wanted for MY body and MY baby. I had the most beautiful birth after a horrible pregnancy - I was as calm & relaxed as possible and I brought a beautiful and very healthy baby girl into the world. Would I do it again next time? ABSOLUTELY! Yep it hurt to walk for the first time but I'm sure it hurts for many women who have natural births too!

At the end of the day this is my journey, my body and my baby and if any has an issue with how I birthed my child then I find that the weirdest and saddest thing of all.

Never feel guilty of the way you bring your child in to the world , it's no one else's business!

motherhoodBrittany Noonan