Whether you're a busy stay at home Mummy, a workaholic, gym junkie or a combination of all of the above - we all live hectic, busy lives and if you're anything like me you never take the time to switch off and wind down.


In this blog I want to talk about some ways to completely switch off from the stresses and anxieties of everyday life (yes, that's right put down the phone and come back to reality) which also can help you to bond and connect with your yourself, baby and family. Winter is the perfect time to do this as the days are shorter and the air is cooler so we can rug up, turn on the heater and enjoy each others or your own company.


When my Baby Bellabox came this month it's theme was "winding down in winter" so it inspired this blog post with its gorgeous selection of products.


Here are some ways you can switch off and wind down which can lead to less anxiety, stress and a better night sleep for the whole house. If you have any tips on "winding down" please comment on my Instagram pic for this blog, I'd love to know your secrets!



Grab your baby and relax in a nice hot bath. Not only will the warm water relax your tired muscles but the water will slightly raise your core temperature which puts you in a more sleepy state. The skin-to-skin contact between you and your baby helps with bonding and will also relax and calm your baby before bed time.

 Add this organic wash to your bath for you and bub!   

 Add this organic wash to your bath for you and bub!



After your bath take a few minutes to give your baby a massage - it has proven benefits for helping your baby sleep deeper and longer, relaxing baby and parents, creating a bond between baby and parent and can also reduce colic and constipation.

While you're there get your partner to give you a cheeky massage too or use some oil and massage in to your own tired legs and arms.

Use an aromatherapy spritz over bub while massaging with oil to help relax and calm you and baby - also extra moisturising.

Use an aromatherapy spritz over bub while massaging with oil to help relax and calm you and baby - also extra moisturising.


Camomile tea is thought to be the most relaxing herbal tea. After bub is in bed brew your self (and your partner) a nice hot tea and sit and chat about your day - sometimes I think we forget to communicate with our partners with all the craziness of night time routine with children so its nice to be able to vent or share the stories of your day. Sometimes just getting things off your chest can feel like the weight of the world has been lifted.



Winter weather can be harsh on your skin & hair so take the time to look after your skin. Use a treatment on your hair and make sure you moisturise your skin deeply - an oil at night is best to keep yourself hydrated. If you feel good physically - your mind does too!

Argan oil is great as a hair treatment and deep moisturiser for skin.

Argan oil is great as a hair treatment and deep moisturiser for skin.


Once your baby is in bed and you have 5 minutes spare at night use that time to take some deep breaths. Breathing correctly is something that many of us do not do or even know how to do so even just 5 minutes of deep breathing can help relax, reduce stress and prepare your body for a good nights rest.

Focus on breathing in to your stomach instead of your chest , inhale all the way in and all the way out, switch off all other thoughts and focus completely on your breaths - if another thought pop into your mind come back to focusing on your breath.

If you find it really hard to disconnect from your thoughts use some white noise in the background - it helps to clear your mind and focus , repeat a mantra in your head or take a holiday to your favourite destintation in your mind.

There are lots of great apps and info on line which can teach you how to breathe correctly and help you to switch off.



Who else lays in bed scrolling through Instagram, Facebook or online shopping right before bed? Switching off all screens computers, TV, phone and iPad will help your mind to switch off and wind down.

Give yourself 45min-hour of screen free time before bed.

If you find this particularly hard because your phone is on a charger right next to your bed - move it. Switch off your phone and put it in another room out of arms reach.

When I was younger I really struggled with insomnia and would lay in bed all night watching TV - it was very hard to do but removing the TV from my bedroom was one of the best things I did to help my sleep.



Yep, that's right I'm going here! I know having sex is probably the last thing on your mind after a long day of work, screaming kids or a huge draining gym session but sex can help reduce stress and tension. It is also important to maintain an intimate relationship with your other half after kids to ensure your relationship does not become a friendship. If you really don't feel like sex try cuddling, kissing or laying in bed and talking to help take your mind off all the other stresses in your life and maintain a healthy relationship.



I know what you're all thinking "this is meant to be about winding down?"

But, what would a Blog be with out me going on about the benefits of exercise?! (haha)

The benefits of stress relief from exercise are huge and exercise will help you to sleep better at night. When we exercise it release so many happy hormones that will help you to feel more positive, less stressed and more relaxed - so it will help you to wind down at night!

Just make sure your exercise is done 3 or more hours before bed otherwise it can actually increase your energy levels.




Brittany xx

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Bellabox is an online subscription beauty box delivered straight to your door. I received the Bella Baby Box which is a great combo of products for Mum and Bub. If you would like more info on BellaBox head to their Instagram @bellaboxaust or their website