Tips For Packing & Flying with a Baby!


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As my followers and friends know my daughter is a frequent flyer as we travel all over for business plus I’m originally from interstate so I go home to visit friends quiet often.

Before I had Millie I was quiet nervous about how I would go travelling often with a baby but over time and many mistakes made, I have learnt a lot and wanted to share my best tips on what to pack in your nappy bag for the flight  and a few other handy tips! This is something I get asked quiet regularly so I hope this helps.

  1. NAPPIES & WIPES!! : Double check, triple check! Sound obvious? Once I forgot to double check and ended up mid air with a poo explosion and NO nappies and for your information they don’t have any spare on flights. We ended up having to get the flight attendant to ask over the loud speaker if there were any parents on board with one. Poor Millie ended up in a Toddlers “pull-up” nappy and didn’t we look like the most amateur new parents.


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I have found this to be one of the best ways to make sure baby naps while on the plane. What ever your baby sleeps in at home – a wrap, a swaddle, a sleeping bag or blanket make sure you bring it on board so they have a familiar sleeping space so they are more relaxed and more comfortable. Make sure you don’t wash it before you bring it either so that it smells like home and you.



Even if you don’t use one usually make sure you have one handy for take off and landing. It will help to settle baby and keep their ears from hurting and getting blocked. And if you do usually use one make sure you double and triple check that you have them with you as I have also made this mistake and Millie at nap time on a plane with an ear infection and NO dummy was not a fun time.



4. TOYS:

Pack a few of their favourite toys & a teething toy (even if it is the most noisy rattle) and I also find it helps to bring a new toy or item that they have never seen before to keep them interested. Another really handy thing to keep them entertained is wearing a Mummy’s “teething” necklace that they can play with and chew on.



I always dress Millie in a zip off onesie for flights as I find these the easiest at change time and if you are squished in a airplane toilet it needs to be easy change time or you will both get flustered. Always remember to throw an extra onesie in your nappy bag too incase of “accidents”!



Download a white noise app, nursery rhyme videos or cartoons and have them on hand to keep them entertained and settled.




This is something that took me a while to get right. We now make sure we fly around the time Millie would go down for a nap. Mid morning or afternoon works best for us but of course stick with the routine you are in.



Time it so baby is hungry and have a bottle ready or breastfeed on take off – it will help with your babies ears and to settle them for a nap. If you formula feed there are usually microwaves in the airport parent’s rooms so you can have the bottle nice and warm and ready to go – otherwise the friendly air staff will be able to heat one up for you but it won’t be able to be done until after take-off.



The absolute easiest way to get around the airport and on and off the plane is by wearing your baby. Wearing your baby will give you free hands to carry or push luggage and reach up to the luggage compartment when on board. It will also allow you to have a hand free for that oh-so-important caffeine hit you will need pre and post flight!


Baby Carriers - best way to get around the airport - hands free!



The reality is that your baby may cry but most people will understand and it will probably annoy you a lot more than other passengers on board. If it does annoy others then that is their own issue and not yours. Your babies crying may make you anxious but a flight attendant actually told me that crying is a way to help babies ears not to hurt.

Try to go on board relaxed and stress free – your baby will pick up on your stress levels and reciprocate. If your baby cries or has a tantrum try to stay calm, breathe and remember that “this too shall pass”.

Another good way to step on board stress free is to allow PLENTY of time to get to the airport and check in before hand so that you are not rushed and flustered.



So these are my TOP 10 tips for flying with a baby. If you have some traveling tips of your own (not just for flying)I would LOVE to hear them so please comment on my Instagram Post relating to this Blog so I can see them and I will make another list including everyone’s ideas!


 Millie & Mama ready to fly!