Through out the year I set my self goals and revise and revisit them as I go. But I always like to set resolutions they give me a fresh start and give me motivation to get up and get going.

Last year my New Years resolutions were to start a blog, work on my mental health, work on my fitness after baby and spend time with my family. All of which I believe I achieved to the best of my ability.

My New Years resolutions this year: 

-Release my fitness program.

- Learn to prioritise what is most important and do that first and with the most passion.

- Learn to say no to other people. Last year I felt like I was continually pulling myself in every direction trying to please others which would cause me so much anxiety and stress.

- Focus time on creating family memories. Traveling, playing and laughing together as a family of 3.

- Help and support my husband as our businesses continue to grow and expand.

- Study to become a life and wellness coach.

- Preparing and strengthening my body and my mind. My physical health is not fantastic at the moment with a lot of stomach/gut issues and my weight is continually dropping so my goal is to fix those and strengthen my body, gain some weight and continue to work on my psychological health so that I can be both mentally and physically well so.... we can hopefully try for another baby at the end of the year if I'm ready!!

My body couldn't cope with HG in its current state so I want to be as physically prepared as possible when we start to try.

Above all I want to stay positive and continue to grow personally and as a mother. I want to enjoy and be grateful for the amazing life I have. 

Have you set yourself resolutions or goals for the year? I know some people say they can't stick to them but I believe it's because they try to focus on things that they either think others want them to change or things that they think they need to be. So instead try sitting down and visioning yourself and where you'd like to be in a year and set your resolutions based on the steps you need to take to get there. Do it for you and no one else.

Happy 2017 - I can't wait to see the journey of everyone's lives this year ! xx

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