Summer fashion can be quite daunting, and sometimes its better to just keep re-wearing things that you've had in your wardrobe for years! Motherhood makes a lot of changes to your body, and as seasons change, it can a bit terrifying to start sifting through your clothes wondering why nothing fits like it used to!

Here are my top 5 things that you need to have in your wardrobe this summer that will be classic enough to wear year after year, but also stylish enough to be in the best dressed list!

1. A really decent pair of togs/ bathers/ swimmers! 

This is CRUCIAL! I don't want you to do anything before you find the perfect pair of togs. They don't have to be a one piece, and it doesn't have to be a bikini, just find one thing that you can wear and feel amazing in! There are so many brands at the moment that are MUM FRIENDLY! And they cater for so many different types of beach go-er! If you are chasing after little ones- take that into consideration, maybe a string bikini isn't the best idea, if you are a different shape then you have been previously- experiment with maybe a higher waist, or a thicker material to keep everything in place, if your boobies aren't as perky as they used to be- wear a top that has a little extra boost, and if they are a little larger then they have been previously- racer back bikini tops are so gorgeous and stylish at the moment!


2. A great pair of “wear everywhere” metallic sandals!

So versatile it hurts! They don't have to be overly designed, just something nice and simple to compliment your outfits, whether your wearing a denim skirt and a white tee shirt to daycare or school, or a long flowy dress to lunch! I tend to lean more towards the golds and rose gold in shoes but silver is so fresh and will make any outfit look brand new!


3. Off the shoulder top! 

I personally find off the shoulder dresses a little bit to hard to wear, because they move so much when you move your arms, but if you don't have an off the shoulder top, you are missing out! They are so flattering across your décolletage because they open that area between your chin and chest! It doesn't have to be super ruched or overly detailed, just nice and simple to start with and then as you start to know what works, then work on grabbing a few more as those summer days get longer!



4. A great denim skirt/ pair of shorts!

Denim is such a staple in my wardrobe and has been since I became a mum. You don't have to wash it each time its worn, they last and are so hard wearing, they are gods gift to parents haha!

I tend to wear a lot of white denim because it pairs so well with my summer wardrobe (colourful cami’s or a slogan tee shirt) and I steer clear of black/ dark denim because its a little bit too…. gothic… for those summer months.


5. One key “trend” piece!

I know you want too. Go on, splurge on something special that screams summer, but just one (if you can ;) Whether its a super gorgeous maxi dress, an embroidered straw hat, an “it girl” handbag, or the heels of your dreams, summer is the perfect time to get your fashion on, because hey…. winter can be so cold and kinda boring!