I'm not going to lie - I am a big old pram snob. I have a slight addiction and my eyes are always on the hunt when I'm out and and about for the best prams and I'm forever pointing them out to my husband who just rolls his eyes at me. My child count is 1 and my pram count is 5. If I could I'd have a lot more but I think my husband may divorce me if he comes home to one more pram.

When Baby Jogger asked me to trial their travel stroller "City Tour" I jumped at the opportunity as I am a massive fan of them. I have a Running Baby Jogger (The Summit x3) and the City Mini GT which I was using for travel and I love both of them. 

I have tried other travel strollers which all have been flimsy or not as compact as I wanted. For the amount of travel we do I knew I needed this little pram/stroller to do two things - 1. Fold down small enough to be able to carry on the plane and store in the overhead compartment and 2. Have a reclining seat back for nap time on the go. The Baby Jogger City Tour does both! CHECK!!


The reasons we've LOVED the "City Tour"


Comes with a handy backpack which the stroller easily folds down so small and goes in so you can carry it on the plane. Being able to walk right to the gate with the pram makes airport travel SO much easier so you can have free hands to carry your bags. It also helps when flights may be delayed or your wait time is long so baby/toddler has somewhere to nap. 


Weighing about 6kgs, you can carry with one hand or easily on your back !! We actually treked the Chinque Terre in Italy carrying it so we would have it at the other end.  



With one button, one hand and a pull of the center strap. 


For nap time on-the-go! This was particularly important to us for days when we knew we would be out and about all day in Europe and Millie needed somewhere to sleep. 


Which provides shelter from the rain, shade from the sun and also is dark for napping. 

- Durable and sturdy. This little stroller is super durable. Ours took a beating on the cobblestone streets of Europe. We walked hundreds on km's on our holiday and it came home pretty much still brand new. 


Padded seat and easy for bub to see out of.


Not only is it practical but it also looks great too. Its sleek and modern looking. We opted for the charcoal grey colour way which I love.


Above all this travel stroller stands out for it's practicality. Everywhere we went parents were asking us about it because when they saw how small it folded down they wanted one too. It was great to push and it's narrow and small enough that it easily fits in to cafes and restaurants. The super small fold down size is also fantastic in the boot of the car at home too - if you're pressed for space in your car I would recommend this stroller. 


I would give the Baby Jogger City Tour travel stroller a 5/5 for everything - size, weight, durability and style. The only one thing I would change would be the width of the seat which is quiet narrow - it's fine for now but maybe as Millie gets older it could become a problem BUT I also understand there has to be some compromises when making such a compact stroller.

For more info or to purchase head to:

This blog is a product review of my own opinion. I was gifted the stroller to trial but would never endorse a product I don't love or wouldn't buy myself.

Some happy snaps of us with our tour on holiday:

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