Change is Growth!


Hi there,

As you've noticed I have changed my blog name and Instagram name - I'm still here just under my own name!

I've always believed that change is growth and for me I felt that I had grown out of the name I had originally chosen for my blog. 

When I first started my blogging journey I was unsure exactly of my path but knew I wanted to start a blog about fashion, fitness and mum life which is where the very simple name "The Fashionable Fit Mum" came from.

As I started writing, blogging and sharing I realised there was more that I wanted to be known as than "fit mum", there was more to talk about and more to help others with. I realised that yes, although I like to share my love of fitness with you I also wanted to show a more realistic approach to living a balanced lifestyle and I wanted a focus around self love and self confidence. 

I also find that unfortunately the name "fit mum" can intimidate others and make women and new mums feel uncomfortable so I want to ensure that my page does not turn people away simply because of the name. So many times I would get emails or messages from women saying "thank you for replying, no other fit mums every reply" or "you're more realistic than other "fit mums" " or even telling me how they actually didn't want to follow me because they thought I would be too extreme or constantly tell people they should be dieting or exercising a certain way.

As I move forward with my blog I want to continue to share with you all different aspects of life to help, motivate and inspire others to feel more confident in themselves in all areas of their lives such as mental wellbeing, body confidence, personal style, parenting, career and business and of course still a focus on staying active, healthy and fit. I believe there are so many aspects of our lives that need to be balanced to feel confident and happiness and it's not always just about "fitness" but about your overall wellbeing. 

I want my online community to be a place where any Mum or woman in fact can come and feel welcomed and safe, not intimidated or feel that they need to be a fanatical gym junkie , look a certain way or have a 6 pack to achieve results or feel better about themselves. 

This change feels so right because I feel like I've already grown in to it and I'm so excited to continue showing you my open and honest approach to everything from wellness, fitness, mum life, personal fashion style and more all "By Brittany Noonan." 

Thank you so much for all your ongoing support, love and interaction and for giving me the courage to grow the way I have in the past year personally.

With Love,

Brittany xx 

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