I'll be completely honest I have been running myself in to the ground lately, my anxiety has been higher than ever and I have not been feeling myself. 

We are very busy, there's no question but aren't we all? People always ask me how I have my shit together with so much going on but truthfully sometimes I doubt that I do. 

I've spent a long time getting to a place where I am mentally happy so when I take a step back with my mental health I quickly stop, reflect and assess what it is that is making me feel this way.

What I have realised is that I've been going a million miles an hour, working, blogging, going to events, travelling for business, trying to control and entertain a crazy toddler that keeps me on my toes 24/7, be a caring, loving wife, cook, clean and maintain some kind of friendship with my girlfriends that I haven't stopped to look after the most important person in my life - ME! Yes that right I said it ME. But what about Millie you ask? Isn't she the most important person in your life? Of course she is but with out me being happy, calm and in a good place mentally then I am not the best Mum or person I can be so in this instance for her benefit I need to be the most important person in my own life.

So apart from set aside some time to focus on different tasks plus I have finally enrolled Millie in Day Care (for when we get back from all our travel) so I can work what I have come up with is a little plan of how I will get in some "ME" time every week and I'd love to share it with you so that hopefully you too can get some "ME" time to help calm your mind and relieve some anxiety. 

We've all heard the saying "you can't pour from an empty cup" - well it's true so lets focus some time on you.

Hope you enjoy them xx 



This has to be the most simple of all the "me time" moments but one that I think we can all enjoy and benefit from. Run a bath, put on a face mask & hair mask and relax for half an hour - do absolutely NOTHING. 

Jump in the shower and use @bikinibabetea "Matcha & Himalayan Scrub" all over your body to feel Firmer & smoother plus the smell of Lime Essential Oils will calm & renew your mind. 

Self care is so important because if we feel like we look good we generally feel a lot better within ourselves! Make some alone time an absolute MUST each week if you need to schedule it in like and appointment because really it is an appointment for the soul. Agree?

Make sure you give the kids to Dad, hire a baby sitter or do this at nap time so you can focus totally on you.

P.S Half way through the scrub stop and remind your self just how much of a babe you are because you are beautiful!!


"An anti-ageing, purifying treat for your oh-so glorious skin. Tighten and brighten thanks to nature’s botox (hibiscus!) Break up with stretch marks, wrinkles & redness & fall in love with toned, tight and hydrated skin!"  - Taken from Bikini Babe website. 

The combination of the all natural ingredients in this scrub helps to reduce skin sagging and cellulite that's why they call it "natures botox". 

For more info or to get yourself some oh-so glorious skin click HERE.



Schedule appointments with yourself to ensure you take the time to exercise start with twice a week and work your way up. You can even take the kids to park and do a work out while they play like I show on my Instagram videos BUT If you find it too hard to do with kids in tow then joining a gym with a creche is a great option. It was very hard for me at first leaving Millie in the creche as she would get so upset but as time went on she got better and better and now she loves her play time with other kids and I get my hour of sanity to train. The endorphin rush from exercise will boost your mood and the physical results of exercise will have you feeling more confident. 



As Mum's I think we find it hard to find time or to prioritise to spend with our friends in a social setting but I also think it's highly important for our mental state to still enjoy some casual, relaxed fun with our friends and some actual adult interaction. You would be surprised what some good old belly laughs will do for the soul. 

Set yourself a goal to spend some time with friends each week. You might go out for dinner, coffee or just a walk. Where you can leave the kids at home with Dad or grandparents or organise it when they are at daycare but if that's not possible for you find a kid friendly cafe where you can sit and chat while the kiddies play or even have your friend over for a few wines and cheese on a Friday evening. 

If you miss a week then try to call an old friend to catch up instead just try to make those connections weekly. 



Enroll in a yoga class, start swimming squad, write a blog, join a netball team, study that course online you've always wanted to do, attend cooking classes. Find something that drives you, that interest you and that is all yours. We are constantly finding things for our children to do, to interact with and to have an interest in so why not find something that does the same for us. Having this focus can help you switch off from your worries or work and help you to feel like you have motivation again. 


Having a strong morning routine can help you to set yourself up in the right mindset for the day which is a blog for another day but by waking up even just 15 minutes before your kids to get in a 10 minute meditation will give you better focus and a happier outlook. 

To find guided meditations I just use YouTube and search "10 minute guided meditation."

This blog was written in collaboration with Bikini body Tea's Match Body Scrub because we both want you to find some time for YOU. 

To read more about Bikini Body's Matcha Scrub head to their website https://www.bikinibabetea.com/products/bikini-babe-tea-scrub.


Brittany xx