Guest Blogs Sometimes U Get To Choose Ur Battles & Sometimes The Battles Choose U..


I recently spoke with a courageous young woman going through a particularly testing time and I couldn't help but share a story of mine, one that is personal and only a handful of people had known – that is until now.... 


During my early twenties, post a routine papsmear, I was diagnosed with CIN III, Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia and Severe Dysplasia to Carcinoma Insitu (Yeh yeh medical jargon - English please!) - in simple terms I had come knocking on Cervical Cancer's door. Now before I go too much further there are some negative connotations associated with CC, but I call bullshit on that right now!


Rightfully so, after endless appointment's, check ups, procedures, the discussions with my gynaecologist had left my head spinning. After plenty of spiraling moments and tears (lots of those!) I strapped my big girl pants on and started mentally preparing for my journey ahead. It was particular scary to wrap my head around our discussions surrounding infertility/difficulty conceiving... At this point in my life I was yet to meet my now husband and couldn't bare the fact of one day having to tell that one special person about these difficulties...Something I really struggled to come to terms with initially. Likewise the guilt of telling my loved ones particularly my parents as my Dad had been fighting his own battles with Leukaemia with my Mum his full time carer... The added stress of their youngest child also going through a form of this was the last thing that they needed. 


Now I will cut straight to the chase in saying that this story is a positive one & I am truly blessed & grateful that thankfully my surgeries were (drum roll please) –SUCCESSFUL!! - I'm fortunate to say, that I am, well & truly, one of the lucky ones whose dream of becoming a Mum came true.


What did I learn - a shit load, too much to mention if I want to keep this piece to an appropriate length, but as a whole my journey caused me to (and still does) assess my attitude towards LIFE.... likewise the day we found out I was pregnant was a joy and happiness I had never felt before and just the same as we reached each milestone in pregnancy and OBVIOUSLY even more so with the birth of our beautiful son, Madden. Now as a Mum (a very grateful one at that – but aren’t we all!) every moment with him seems richer day-by-day because the uncertainty of my future of being a mother (one who carried her baby through pregnancy) had become real to me & for that I bid to never take this wonderful blessing for granted.


Now if you’re still with me, can I just say to you beautiful women and mums reading this, that all too often we worry too much about the exterior and forget about the rest - Am I right!? So PLEASE - get your routine papsmear, get a second opinion if you’re still unsure, be persistent, educate yourself, educate others, pay attention to your body; if something doesn't feel right - it probably isn't!


And lastly for anyone going through a difficult time (in whatever capacity) remember that battles are there to be won, NOT lost!


Much Love, Nadine xo