We are all searching for the quick fix, the easy way out especially when it comes to looking good and being "fit and healthy". Well I'm sorry I am here to tell you there is no quick fix - you need to work hard and stay dedicated to achieve your goals BUT I can tell you there are lots of little, simple and easy things you can do along the way to be a healthier version of yourself inside and out. 


This is a simple thing that can save you hundreds of calories a day. Instead of drinking soft drinks, flavoured milks, juices etc just swap them out for water. If you crave the fizziness try drinking sparkling water , you can even get them with a hint of lime or berry with out the sugar. Sugar not only adds up in calories but also impacts your energy levels and overall health.


BORING! I know you've been hearing it since you were a kid but there is a reason. The major health benefits of eating green veggies cannot be ignored from not only are the packed full of nutrients they also help aid in your digestion, help reduce cravings, help with weight loss, prevent high cholesterol, help improve your skin plus so much more. I could go on for days but you get the idea. Try eating greens with minimum 2 or 3 meals daily. 



Take a few moments each day to breathe. The benefits of breathing correctly are completely underestimated. Take a break every hour and just take in 5-7 long deep breaths. 

Include a 10 minute meditation in your morning routine and you will soon feel the benefits of just learning to focus on breathing and clearing your mind.


Wearable technology is the biggest trend everywhere at the moment from FitBit to Garmin, iWatch and every thing in between there is one available for every budget but these little devices can help you to stay on top of everything from taking enough steps, what you eat, how long you are active, how many calories you burn and even how much sleep you are getting ( and the quality of that sleep). I totally recommend buying yourself one - the gentle reminders to keep you on track can help you to become a healthier version of yourself everyday.


Put on your sneakers, chuck the kids in the pram or on their scooter and hit the pavement. Walking is an excellent form of exercise especially for a beginner and/or some one who has recently had a baby. It is also a great way to get your head clear after a long day at work or being indoor with your kiddies all day. 20-30 minutes each day is perfect.

So many new mummies come to me for advice about getting back in to fitness after baby and I can honestly say walking is the number one thing you should be doing when you first return to exercise. 


Boost your metabolism, stop cravings and get an antioxidant hit by drinking green tea. Even better is Matcha Green Tea if you can tolerate the taste, the benefits are even stronger. You can also get Matcha powders that can be added to smoothies or meals.

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The pelvic floor is one of the most important muscle groups in the women's body but also one the most ignored muscle groups. During pregnancy, child birth and exercise these muscles can be damaged, you can end up with incontinence issues and even prolapse. Remember just because it's common for women especially mothers to have PF issues it doesn't make it "normal" and we can fix it. There is no need to ignore it and just "put up" with leakage or urgency when you run, laugh, sneeze, cough or lift heavy items. 

If you do have any PF issues at all just know they can be fixed. Book an appointment to see a women's health physio and you will be jumping, running and skipping with ease in no time! 

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This is something so simple that can make a massive difference in calorie intake. When dining out look for menu options that are grilled over fried, battered or crumber. Grilled fish, grilled chicken ect. can have half the calories of some of the same foods battered and/or fried. Not only will they have less calories but by eating lighter, grilled versions of these food you will help stop bloating and that lethargic feeling you may get after a meal. Try it for a month and feel the difference.


The truth is we are all busy and sometimes we don't get time to fit in scheduled exercise each day but by making small changes to our lives we can learn to move more, take more steps and sit less.

According to "Just Stand Org." on average we sit or are sedentary for around 7.7 hours each day!!! Even more if we have office jobs and long commute to work. The side effects of such a sedentary lifestyle are huge and can contribute to a higher risk of  obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, depression and so on.

So how do we get some incidental movement in? A few ways include:

 - walk to work or walk to your kids/daycare to drop them off

 - take the stair instead of the life or escalators at the shops/work/anywhere

 - stand at your desk for 15 minutes out of each hour

 - walk to the park and play with the kids

 - add in a morning walk

 - park your car a little further from the shops

 - stand up more often where ever you are

 - Stand up and go for a walk around the office, in your home or wherever you are for a minute or 2 every hour

 - Organise family weekend activities that are active such as a hike, a bike ride, walk to the cafe for brunch, beach/park sports ect.


This one sounds strange and you wouldn't think it had anything to do with your "health" but your mental health is just as important as your physical health. So let's stop comparing ourselves, our bodies, our lives, our diets and our exercise to each other. By comparing who we are and what we do to some body else you take the joy away from your own life, lead yourself to disappointment and can end up a little or lot less happier if you believe someone else has more, is more, is better or can do more than you. FOCUS ON YOU - live your own journey!! Choose to wake up every day and look at the positives in life. Practice gratitude and be thankful for what you do have instead of wishing you had what someone else has. 

I would love to hear your thoughts and let me know your quick health tips by emailing, commenting or messaging me on Instagram.


Brittany xx