-“Active wear, active wear, going out in my active wear”-

You know the deal, it seems active wear has really blurred the line between something you simply workout in and change out of, and become this insane fashion epidemic that’s extremely versatile and stylish. 

So how exactly does one pull off the “maybe I have worked out, or maybe I just chose to wear this all day because its comfy AF….?” Easy! 

Follow these super easy steps, and you’ll not only be looking super fly, but, you will be ready to go straight from the gym to lunch with the girls!

1. Buy your active wear with a similar theme or colour palette (always) so you can mix and match! I tend to live by this rule regardless, however its a great tip for buying fitness apparel because it will last for years, seriously! I always stick to neutrals, small neon features/ panels, and really robust tights. Those three rules are what I always look for, because I know that if I stick with them, they'll match everything else I own!

2. If you're taking your look from the gym to lunch, or vice versa, take a second pair of runners (and socks)! There is nothing that will kill your look more then having a gorgeous outfit paired with daggy sneakers that have scuffs and scratches all over them. They don't need to be a top brand or designer, but having a pair of trainers that are purely for fashion purposes will take your look to the next level, and make you look and feel so much fresher!

3. Accessorise with fashion pieces! Just because you are rocking your active wear out and about, doesn't mean you have to go without your normal everyday accessories. I always style my active wear a little different if I am wearing it for comfort over a “workout”. Sometimes I will wear a sports crop, tights and a normal tee shirt and handbag if I am running around, but you can also style your active wear with bright lipstick/ hoop earrings/ a metallic watch/ aviator sunglasses/ puffer jacket/ vest for winter, just to step up the look- just a touch, you don't wanna go all Kardashian here.

4). Wash it well! Look after your gear! It never comes cheap, so look after your active wear by  keeping them in lingerie bags, and in colour co-ordinated cycles. Also- do not pop in the dryer. A very expensive mistake!

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