Keeping up with fashion trends can be as hard as trying to keep a child tame after a eating an entire bag of jellybeans, yep, that HARD! But this month I thought we could back off “whats new” and focus on “what you've already got” as far as fashion is concerned.

I know being stylish isn't always fun, trust me, I get around in my gym gear (even though I only go once a week) for most of the week, and honestly wash my hair maybe twice a week if I get a minute to do so.

Lets focus on what you've probably already got in your wardrobe, and how you can restyle and rework it, to give it a new lease on life- and save you some precious wine money!

1. I am absolutely certain that most of us own a black skirt. It doesn't matter what length it is, just think of all the possibilities we have with it right now. If you are living in sunny Queensland, or anywhere else with a warm temperature right now, pair with a loose white top and some tan/ black leather sandals or some sneakers- you'll get great shape from a figure hugging skirt, and a loose top, or vice versa. If you are somewhere a little cooler- hello Melbournians (!) pair with some really thick tights, a long oversized parker and some heeled boots- ideally black or navy! This will show off your legs and add length to your look by using a longer style jacket/ coat!


2. What about a scarf?! How many of us buy them in the hope that one day we will wear them, and maybe never do? My first tip here is- if you are one to avoid new trends in the first place, adding a touch of new season colour or texture in a scarf, will make your whole outfit look new! For example, I have this orange scarf that is honestly like 9 years old, and people still ask if its new season Sass and Bide because it’s a pattern that looks like its from that designer, but I actually bought it at a Forever New sale when I was probably 17! And… I still wear it all the time!


3. A leather Jacket! These are so versatile and so easy to re-wear every season because the style is so timeless. Motorcycle style looks a little bad ass, blazer style is a little more elegant and refined, and a coloured leather jacket screams fashionista! Through winter pair a jacket with over the knee boots, and coming into spring nothing says STYLE like a breezy summer dress with a touch of modern class- a leather jacket + sneakers.


4. Big handbags! Motherhood comes with lots of new “oh damn it, I forgot that” minor moments but now that oversized bags are making a comeback, its the perfect excuse to ditch the daggy nappy bag, and head out with one bag full of all your daily essentials!


5. Activewear thats almost cool enough to live in 24/7! Yep I’m as guilty as they come! I am an avid activewear-wearer (is that even the right term?! Some would say it’s daggy, but who cares!) As a mum, who loves fashion, and who loves to be able to enjoy the days with a toddler without worrying if I will be able to bend over without showing my cha cha, activewear is an essential part of fashion for me right now. Whats even better is that the look is super relaxed, so you can get away with wearing a normal t-shirt and bra, paired with some runners and your fave tummy friendly tights! Winning! On a style note- please make sure your colour palette is nice on the eye- steer clear of going OTT with patterns or too many brights.


Until next time, 

Ellen x