8 WAYS TO: Reduce Stress this Christmas



Does the thought of the Christmas festive season send your brain into over-drive?

While you’re trying to maintain your work and mum life, there’s also squeezing in the Christmas socialising, present buying, home decorating, having the perfect Insta-worthy tree, and taking Santa photos.  

If you’re anything like me you will get anxiety just thinking about the lead up to Christmas. Here are my eight top tips to reduce your stress levels this festive season, thanks to Australia Post.


1.       MAKE A PLAN

When looking at the never-ending list of Christmas ‘to-dos’ as a whole it can feel very overwhelming! Instead of having one long list, get a monthly planner that you can break down daily which will feel a lot more manageable. This is how I survive my everyday life by only planning to do a few tasks each day and putting the most important tasks first.


When it comes to Christmas tasks you will notice a lot of them don’t need to be done immediately and can be spread across the month.


2.       ONLINE SHOPPING WITH SHIPSTER – and how Australia Post can make your life easier.

AUS POST 2.jpg

Recently I received a gorgeous gift from “White Home Boutique” sent by my friend Olivia via Australia Post.

This also got me thinking about my Christmas presents, and how I should start conquering my gift wish list. This year I’ll be using a new service offered by Australia Post, “Shipster.”

Being a busy toddler mum, crowded shopping centres are not my friend especially when Millie is with me! To be able to shop from the comfort of my lounge, office or bed at a time that suits me is AMAZING and gives me ease about my Christmas shopping.

With Shipster, you don’t need to pay a cent for deliveries any on eligible purchases and you can browse from over 50 well-known and mum-friendly brands such as Myer, Cotton On, Toys R Us, Target and more! Find out a full range of retailers ONLINE.

Another way Australia Post is helping reduce the stress is the different delivery options they offer in case you or your receiver isn’t home. You can send deliveries to a 24/7 parcel locker, your PO BOX, request to have your parcels left in safe place at home with safe drop or even send parcels to your local post office for collection. Click HERE to find out more.


1.       SAY NO – to too many commitments

This time of year is insanely busy with social events between work drinks, family catch-ups, BBQs and drinks with the girls. It’s so easy to over commit and burn yourself out before you even get to Christmas day.

Learn to say NO when you need to or when it doesn’t suit. I can almost guarantee that your friends won’t be offended and highly likely they will understand and feel the same.

At the end of the day you need to manage your own mental state so you can stay happy, focussed and positive for your family – which is what this time of year is truly all about.



Most stores and malls will offer free or a small gift wrapping fee (even if they don’t offer – ask). Take advantage of this service to avoid the last minute rush of trying to get everything wrapped. This will also mean little eyes won’t be able to take a peek at those presents before the day

The other amazing service some stores offer is assembly of bikes, toys or furniture – if you can spare the extra change take some pressure off and get them to do it for you.


It’s super easy at this time of year to drop your personal rituals and routines to ensure you get everything done; I personally think this is one of the worst things you can do. Keep up those things that make you feel less stressed like your exercise routine, yoga, meditation, or Pilates classes to maintain some normality and keep your anxiety at bay.

Exercise and movement is one of the best ways to reduce stress so let’s ensure that is a part of your day no matter what else you have to do.


Are you hosting a Christmas party or Christmas Day lunch/dinner? I know that you’ll probably want to have everything perfect and exactly the way you want.  Asking others to lend a hand or to bring a plate of food will help take so much pressure off you, and allow you to also enjoy the day.

Your friends or family will not, I repeat WILL NOT judge you if you ask them to bring a plate of food and if they do, they probably aren’t the friends you need. In fact, I actually think most people love bringing something along to share and would prefer not to turn up empty handed. The magic of Christmas is all about giving and sharing.

If you can’t let go of the control of what is served, ask a friend or family member to come over earlier and give you a hand in the kitchen to prep, cook or set up the table. Pop a bottle of champagne and enjoy the fun of being in the kitchen together.

Another idea to keep on schedule, is to ask a family member for a hand to pop in earlier to watch and entertain the kids.


In the absolute chaos of December and Christmas it’s easy to forget what the festive season is really about – family, love and joy. It’s not about having the most expensive of everything, the most perfect tree, giving the most presents and it certainly shouldn’t be a time where your stress outweighs your happiness.

Every day and every moment that you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, try to take a step back and be grateful for what you have, and the family you will be celebrating the festive season with.  

I practice gratitude daily in my mind but every week I jot down in my journal what I’m grateful for – if you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed already this could be a perfect time for you to start your daily gratitude practice.

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”

I hope these tips can help you to have a less stressful festive season. I would love to hear your thoughts or any other tips by leaving a comment here or my Instagram post!

Merry Christmas lovelies.


With Love,



*This blog was sponsored by Australia Post but I would never promote or endorse something I don’t love or use myself. If you would like any more info on Australia Post’s services that are making Christmas easier click HERE  .


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