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Maternity & Breastfeeding Fashion

Dressing the bump and then for breastfeeding while still looking half stylish can be so hard. Through out my pregnancy and now while Im breastfeeding my insta community have been asking me everyday for ideas and places to shop so I just quickly threw this little article together to share where I buy my clothing from and also some quick tips for dressing the bump and for BF!

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Cute Baby Clothes Brands

Just a quick blog to share some of my fave go-to brands for baby as I’m always being asked on my instagram. After buying a ridiculous amount of clothing that were never worn by Millie I have tried to keep it simple and basic for this bub as I know she will live in onesies and zippys when shes a newborn but of course I also couldn’t help getting few cute dresses and rompers too. In here you will see cheap finds to more expensive pieces.

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Tips From Real Mums: Transitioning from 1-2 Kids.

I often think about the huge adjustment and change our world is about to make and especially for Millie as she has never known any different other than Mummy & Daddy being her whole world and hers ours. I worry about our bond, our quality time together and how she will feel seeing me give so much attention to the baby. I also think a lot about how in the world am I going to juggle it all?

I recently asked my Instagram how they adjusted from one to two kids and I had so many Mum's who are currently pregnant with their second ask me to share what tips I got so here are just some of them.

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Pregnancy Diary - Girl Mama.


We are so excited to finally tell everyone that we are welcoming a second beautiful little girl in to our family and I can honestly say we are all so beyond excited. It's been so hard to not say anything on my Instagram and there's been many times I've said "her" or "she" and had to delete my videos or when recording Millie on my stories shes said baby sister so Iv'e had to mute the video but it was also nice to have that little secret for ourselves for a while.

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Pregnancy Diary: Mindfulness for a positive Mindset.

About ago I was getting to a pretty bad place in my mind. After suffering antenatal depression during my last pregnancy I knew and was totally aware of the warning signs that I may be slipping back to that dark place. 

I knew to get myself out of that place I had to change my mindset - either I could let me sickness and my dark thoughts control me or I could take control and implement the things I have learnt along the way to get control of my thoughts again. 

I decided that I needed to stop laying in bed all day everyday and get out in the fresh air more often, I needed to start eating a more varied diet, I needed to start moving my body more and most importantly  I needed to start living more mindfully. 

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Tackle Fussy Eating Head On: An expert’s advice on feeding your kid’s potential

If you have a picky eater in the family, then you know how frustrating it can be. Dr Deb Levy, holistic pediatrician, shares her tips on making meal times a fun and healthy environment for the whole family.

Mealtimes can be a source of much stress, especially if your child is a fussy eater. Around half of all children aged 2 to 12 years of age are said to be picky eaters, with recent research (available upon request) showing that 85 per cent of children aged 2-12 years are fussy about at least some foods.i

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Pregnancy Diary: Finding out we are expecting baby no.2

My husband and I had just come home from an extra long weekend trip away to Queenstown over the Australia Day long weekend. We had the most amazing time just the two of us dining out, enjoy a spa treatment, wine tour (sorry baby, I didn't know) and enjoying each others company. While we were there I got what I thought at the time was period but lighter than normal, once again our hearts had sunk thinking that yet another month had passed and another month of failing to fall pregnant.

While we were away I remember feeling extremely tired, extremely hungry and I kept getting what I thought was travel sickness but little did I know there was something more going on in my belly... 

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Stress is one of the most overlooked things when it comes to our health in modern society. When we are stressed our cortisol levels rise and can reduce our ability to learn and decrease our memory, lower immunity, lead to poor gut health , lower bone density, cause weight gain, increase your blood pressure and cholesterol, increase your risk of heart disease and affect our fertility and ability to reproduce.

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I put the call out to my Instagram for tips on this transition and as so many Mummies wanted to hear everyone’s advice I decided to write this blog which worked in well with my partnership with Woolworths Little One’s nappies.

SO, here are the top tips I was given and some I think will help on both transitioning your toddler from cot to bed and stopping them thinking the middle of the night is “play time.”

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HOW TO: Keep Your Kids safe around water.

Drowning is a silent killer and something that absolutely scares the life out of me as a parent of a little girl who is water obsessed. Having her in lessons since four months old has helped her confidence and water safety but it is never enough to make sure we are not 100% watching her at all times around water. In this article I am going to share with you tips on keeping your children safe and how you can stay vigilant to ensure your kids don’t become victim to the silent killer.


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TOILET TRAINING - Advice & Tips from Real Mums

When I put the call out on my Instagram to ask for advice on toilet training I couldn’t believe the response! Hundreds of replies with tips and so many excited to get some tips and tricks to use themselves. The absolute number one tip was to ensure that you’re child is ready and showing signs before attempting and to encourage but never force. Unfortunately I can’t fit them all in here so I am using the ones that seemed to be the most popular. Some of these may conflict with others so just like with everything in motherhood we must pick and choose what you would be comfortable with or what you think your child will respond to!  

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Ahh toddlers .. the never ending eating, snacking yet fuss pots that are toddlers.

Some days I feel like Millie eats more than me and other days she seems to not want anything she loved the day before. In both cases we always have our back up SMOOOTHIEEEE to either fill her up when she won’t eat so I know she’s getting in all the nutrients she needs or to help try to fill her up when she’s non-stop eating ALL – DAY – LONG .

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motherhoodBrittany Noonan

Now that Millie is two and I feel like I got this #mumlife thing sorted in my own little way I see myself hoping and looking to the future for another baby. Until recently the thought of two kids actually scared the life out of me and don’t get me started on how I felt until recently at even the thought of another pregnancy.

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motherhoodBrittany Noonan

I'm not going to lie - I am a big old pram snob. I have a slight addiction and my eyes are always on the hunt when I'm out and and about for the best prams and I'm forever pointing them out to my husband who just rolls his eyes at me. My child count is 1 and my pram count is 5. If I could I'd have a lot more but I think my husband may divorce me if he comes home to one more pram.

When Baby Jogger asked me to trial their travel stroller "City Tour" I jumped at the opportunity as I am a massive fan of them. I have a Running Baby Jogger (The Summit x3) and the City Mini GT which I was using for travel and I love both of them. 

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motherhoodBrittany Noonan

I often get asked why I started my blog and what I love about it and social media.

There are a lot of things to love about blogging and sharing my life on socials (and of course there can be some negatives) but there are a few of things that really stand out to me and give me the passion and drive I have to keep doing what I do.

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The first few weeks of being home with your baby was great, wasn’t it?

They would sleep a lot and you could sit back with a cup of tea, enjoying lunch in peace. But now you’re tired all the time and your hair is falling out. During those rare baby naps, you’re taking care of chores instead of taking care of yourself.

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It's pretty easy to see we travel a lot around Australia (and recently over seas) with Millie in tow. We have become some what experts on flying with her and she has also become very good at being on a plane. She now knows when we hop on she has to do up her seat belt and recently even learnt to buckle it herself.

One of the most common things I get asked about is packing for traveling with her and tips on flying with baby/toddler.

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