Trimester 3 - Exercise Guidelines

Yahooo.. We've made it to the final stretch, the final trimester and soon your baby will be here!

The second trimester is definitely the most forgiving - you aren't as sick, you aren't as hormonal and you aren't too big yet! And then the 3rd trimester hits - you're sore, big, bloated,  nausea can start again, you're holding on to fluid, your hormones start racing again, you cant stop peeing, you're tired, exhausted and freaking scared at times about birth and beyond. 

In this article I’m sharing recommended guidelines for trimester 3 exercise.

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Earlier this year I reviewed the LG Twin Wash washing machine that was gifted to us.

Since then I have noticed how much time this machine saves us and a few other little handy tricks that I wanted to share.

This washing machine is an investment at a higher price point so I want to make sure that if you’re considering it, you know all the amazing things it can do and how it will save you time, money and help your mum-brain moments too (also so you can convince your hubby you need it ).

Don’t forget this washing machine is actually two washing machines and a dryer in one, and replaces the need for two separate appliances.

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Pregnancy Diary - Girl Mama.


We are so excited to finally tell everyone that we are welcoming a second beautiful little girl in to our family and I can honestly say we are all so beyond excited. It's been so hard to not say anything on my Instagram and there's been many times I've said "her" or "she" and had to delete my videos or when recording Millie on my stories shes said baby sister so Iv'e had to mute the video but it was also nice to have that little secret for ourselves for a while.

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Gut Health & Probiotics During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that gut health has always been very important to me, and over the last 12-18 months, I’ve learned a lot about the microbiome which is the good bacteria that live in our gut (and in other places too), and have made a real effort to look after my gut health.   

In this blog I want to share with you a pregnancy and breastfeeding specific probiotic and also share some other ways you can look after your gut health during pregnancy and beyond.

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Breathing Techniques for a Calm Mind.

Breathing, inhaling, exhaling  - we all do it all day everyday. But do you know how much breathing correctly, slowly or mindfully can effect and help your mood, your energy and your anxiety?

Tonight I want to share some breathing techniques to help you clear the mind, reduce your stress, refocus or re-energise and calm your nerves.

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Birthing Calmly with Dream Your Baby

After the excitement of finding out I was pregnant with my very first baby I couldn’t help but feel nervous & anxious about giving birth. It was consuming me, which I realise now was a blessing as it put me on the most incredible journey of hypnobirthing and I am so excited to be able to share this with you all today.

I am sure there are so many of you mamas and mamas to be that can totally relate to this anxiety associated with giving birth and this is where I get really excited. Because my birth wasn’t luck. I wasn’t lucky, I did so much preparation just like I would do for any other big event in my life and if I can achieve a calm & relaxed birth, I know that you can to! 

So lets start from the very beginning… 

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Pregnancy Diary: Mindfulness for a positive Mindset.

About ago I was getting to a pretty bad place in my mind. After suffering antenatal depression during my last pregnancy I knew and was totally aware of the warning signs that I may be slipping back to that dark place. 

I knew to get myself out of that place I had to change my mindset - either I could let me sickness and my dark thoughts control me or I could take control and implement the things I have learnt along the way to get control of my thoughts again. 

I decided that I needed to stop laying in bed all day everyday and get out in the fresh air more often, I needed to start eating a more varied diet, I needed to start moving my body more and most importantly  I needed to start living more mindfully. 

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6 Ways to: Stay Hydrated Enough Everyday

We all know the benefits of water and why it is so important to make sure we are getting enough each day but sometimes it can be hard to reach our minimum daily intake!

Our minimum intake should be 8-10 glass so about 2-2.5 liters per day and for women who are highly active or breastfeeding or both it should be even more per day.

So how do we get enough without being bored or forgetting?

In partnership with Red Seal Tea’s I’m sharing 6 healthy ways to stay hydrated each day…

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Pregnancy Diary: Reflecting on Struggles, Changes and Growth.

As I head closer to our half way mark of my second pregnancy I have been finding my feet and wrapping my head around the reality of being sick this entire pregnancy, my mind is certainly stronger than last time and because I've been here before and Ive worked on myself a hell of a lot in the past few years I feel like I am more aware of what I should be doing and how to cope better. I have been doing a lot of reflecting on my struggles, my growth and my changes from this pregnancy to last.

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Brittany Noonan
Anxiety -A Guide to Prevention, Management & Coping.

In this article I want to share with you ways I prevent, manage and cope with my anxiety using different techniques, practices, products, professional help, people and medications. These are my own beliefs and things I have learnt along the way and I hope they can help you also but if they don’t just remember we are all different and we all cope in different ways – just keep searching for what helps you because it is out there.

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WellnessBrittany Noonan
First Trimester: Exercise guidelines & Your body.

In this blog I will outline guidelines for your first trimester and advice for pregnancy exercise.

Exercise during pregnancy is completely safe if you have a low risk pregnancy and will not only help you to stop gaining too much extra weight or fluid it will also have a positive impact on your mental state, help reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, help aid with labour and also help you to recover quicker from either a natural or c-section birth. 

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Tackle Fussy Eating Head On: An expert’s advice on feeding your kid’s potential

If you have a picky eater in the family, then you know how frustrating it can be. Dr Deb Levy, holistic pediatrician, shares her tips on making meal times a fun and healthy environment for the whole family.

Mealtimes can be a source of much stress, especially if your child is a fussy eater. Around half of all children aged 2 to 12 years of age are said to be picky eaters, with recent research (available upon request) showing that 85 per cent of children aged 2-12 years are fussy about at least some foods.i

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Pregnancy Diary: Finding out we are expecting baby no.2

My husband and I had just come home from an extra long weekend trip away to Queenstown over the Australia Day long weekend. We had the most amazing time just the two of us dining out, enjoy a spa treatment, wine tour (sorry baby, I didn't know) and enjoying each others company. While we were there I got what I thought at the time was period but lighter than normal, once again our hearts had sunk thinking that yet another month had passed and another month of failing to fall pregnant.

While we were away I remember feeling extremely tired, extremely hungry and I kept getting what I thought was travel sickness but little did I know there was something more going on in my belly... 

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Stress is one of the most overlooked things when it comes to our health in modern society. When we are stressed our cortisol levels rise and can reduce our ability to learn and decrease our memory, lower immunity, lead to poor gut health , lower bone density, cause weight gain, increase your blood pressure and cholesterol, increase your risk of heart disease and affect our fertility and ability to reproduce.

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I put the call out to my Instagram for tips on this transition and as so many Mummies wanted to hear everyone’s advice I decided to write this blog which worked in well with my partnership with Woolworths Little One’s nappies.

SO, here are the top tips I was given and some I think will help on both transitioning your toddler from cot to bed and stopping them thinking the middle of the night is “play time.”

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HOW TO: Keep Your Kids safe around water.

Drowning is a silent killer and something that absolutely scares the life out of me as a parent of a little girl who is water obsessed. Having her in lessons since four months old has helped her confidence and water safety but it is never enough to make sure we are not 100% watching her at all times around water. In this article I am going to share with you tips on keeping your children safe and how you can stay vigilant to ensure your kids don’t become victim to the silent killer.


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My LG TWIN WASH Review & House Work Tips for Busy Women.

I’m not going to sugar coat it or lie, I HATE housework, cleaning and anything domesticated really. I would prefer to be spending my days working, writing or hanging out with my family.

In this blog I’m going to share with you 6 simple ideas to make maintaining your abode quicker and easier for all the busy women out there who just like me don’t have the time or the want to spend their days cleaning and also give you my review of the LG Twin Wash Washing machine.

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