First Trimester: Exercise guidelines & Your body.

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Lots of ladies have been asking what I do for exercise during pregnancy.
Unfortunately for me I haven’t been able to train for the last 8 weeks due to my illness.

What I have been doing is stretching, yoga, hip stabilising exercises and focusing on my pelvic floor strength from home when I feel up to it.

During the first trimester your body goes through massive hormonal changes and you can already feel & see them impacting your physical state. Your tummy & hips may feel or look soft which is normal as the hormone relaxin starts to soften you and will continue to throughout pregnancy. You may feel more flexible or unstable in your joints which is also from the relaxin, you may be carrying extra fluid and you may have noticed some aches and pains already particularly in your back and hips as your body begins to change to prepare for pregnancy and birth.

During this early stage it’s important to start laying foundations for the rest of your pregnancy and start working on keeping your posture , hips and pelvic floor strong.
Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to smash your body or even continue with your normal exercise regime - listen to your self and your body and engage with an expert in pregnancy fitness to guide you through the journey.

Exercise during pregnancy is completely safe if you have a low risk pregnancy and will not only help you to stop gaining too much extra weight or fluid it will also have a positive impact on your mental state, help reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, help aid with labour and also help you to recover quicker from either a natural or c-section birth. 

Some guidelines for First Trimester Exercise:

- Gain medical clearance from GP or OB.

- Have a check up with a women's health physio to structure a plan for you through out your pregnancy.

- Avoid overheating during exercise by keeping it at a moderate intensity (6/10). This is very important as there is major organ development occurring during first trimester and the baby is unable to cool itself it the womb so what ever temp your body is so is your babies.

- Take time to rest especially if you are suffering from morning sickness and or nausea.

- Start working on your pelvic floor strengthening exercises - KEGELS!!

- Start working on strengthening your back muscles to help your posture. Some light - moderate resistance exercises for the back are great.

- STOP focusing on abdominal workouts - no crunching, double leg lifts, vsits or sit ups.

- Avoid heavy lifting.

- Avoid any movement or exercise that causes bearing down, dragging or heavy feeling in the lower abdomen.

Any questions about first trimester exercise please contact me via Instagram. 

Up next month will be 2nd Trimester guidelines and advise. Hopefully Ill be feeling up to doing some exercise - fingers crossed.

With Love,

Brittany xx