MOVE Mama - eBook + Excercise Library Bundle

MOVE Mama - eBook + Excercise Library Bundle


MOVE Mama - an 20 minute a day, equipment free, 4 week guide to help postpartum mothers and first time exercisers establish an fitness foundation. It takes the guesswork out of getting started, with an extra focus on healing the core and pelvic floor.

If you’re ready for your first stepping stone to an exercise programme, MOVE Mama is designed specially for you. Purchase your copy now, and in just 4 weeks you’ll have the foundations a strong body for life. 

Included in this bundle deal is:

MOVE Mama eBook including a heap of info about your post baby body, wellness, mindset, goal setting and more

4 Week Exercise Program to help you kickstart your fitness

Move Mama Excercise Library

How It Works:

Once you have purchased our bundle deal you can download it as a PDF straight away!

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