For today's busy mama's seeking balance



Brittany Noonan

on a mission to help women find balance.

Nice to meet you, I’m Brittany.  

Welcome to our little community of mamas and women. You’ll never find anything less than the real me here. I share my struggles and my low times, I share my happiness and the things that give me joy and peace. My dream is that through sharing this real, unedited version of myself and my passion and knowledge for fitness and wellness, I can inspire and help women everywhere to accept and embrace themselves and live a life they love.

I am forever on a mission to find the balance between being a busy business owner, fitness fanatic, mother, friend and of course ME and I want to share my experiences and help you find that balance too.  I’m just a mama like you, trying to live my best life in the hope that I can help you to, too.

This community is a positive space and totally inclusive of everyone. I'm always happy for a chat and my inbox is always open if you need a friendly, non-judgmental ear to listen. Im here to support you so .... 

Let’s do this together